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Microservice architecture is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years with more and more software development companies gradually adopting Microservices approach to speed up their software application development process as well as enhancing agility. Adapting this architecture will benefit, especially when it comes to enabling the agile development and delivery of complex service-based applications.

Microservices is an architectural style that structures the application as a collection of autonomous services, modelled around a business domain. Each service is self- contained and implements a single business capability. Each micro service focus down to single business capability that lead to better quality.

At Acumen, we adopted Microservices architecture to respond swiftly to the ongoing demands of the business of our client and help them to stand out from the competition. With Microservices architecture, we can deliver a fully efficient application which is extremely scalable and flexible. As we use Microservices architecture, it enables us to construct the software product with a more functional approach and enable us to provide better, faster, and more reliable services.

Microservices Architecture

We follow Microservices Architecture for most of our projects. In this architecture, we divide the overall system into individual parts (the microservices) and each focused on a single business capability that makes the development workflow move faster. Microservices Architecture helps our organization to be more agile and build more scalable applications.

Why Businesses Require Microservices?

Businesses today must need to compete aggressively in the market to maintain their competitive edge. They need to understand the user’s ongoing needs and expectations and accordingly enhance the quality & scope of their product or service continuously to retain their consumer base & generate profits. To do this, organizations require a service-driven business model in which software can be easily developed, maintained, deployed and scaled to solve business requirements. We can achieve all this with Microservices Architecture.

Following are the reasons why business require Microservices

Improve Scalability

Scalability is the core reason, why businesses require Microservices architecture. In this architecture, each service is the separate component so you don’t have to scale the whole application. You can scale the service which is required without impacting other services. Also scaling decisions can be made at a more granular level which result in a more efficient application. That will help to improve customer/user experience and increases cost-savings

Increase Productivity and Speed

Microservices Architecture decouples the application into smaller components (micro-services) so that developers can work on different components simultaneously and don’t have to wait for others to finish developing a particular piece of code functionality. Also can test the services independently even while others are still working on the remaining modules that improves productivity and development speed with a quality outcome.

Better resilience

With Microservices you can improve the resilience of your business as it allows you to decentralize your entire application and divide it into services that act as separate entities. Unlike the monolithic architecture where a single failure in the code affects entire application, there is the least impact of a code failure in Microservices architecture. Microservices are managed by a certain higher-level tool like Kubernetes which can handle any micro-service failure easily. Your users won’t notice it even when several systems are brought down for maintenance.

Faster Time to Market

Microservices architecture offer flexibility which allows developers to update microservice’s behavior effortlessly without rewriting a lot of code. So new functionalities can be developed and deployed swiftly within the application that results in Faster Time to Market.

Continuous Delivery

Microservices improve business agility by accelerating your CI/CD pipeline. Microservices allows developers to concurrently work on a single service rather than working all together on elements like UI, the database, or server-side logic. Also testing a new functionality is much easier as you can emphasis on simple tests that can be quickly deployed via your CI/CD pipeline

Microservices Ensures


Faster Development


App Performance Improvement


Cost Reduction


Faster Release Time

Features of Microservices Architecture

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