In today’s fast-paced technological era quick digital product releases have become important for business success. Our Agile Scrum-based methodology helps our client to quickly respond to market opportunities, improve productivity and reduces cost.

The agile development methodology is the anchor that holds together technology and work management to nurture productivity and manage changes while delivering results on time. It allows the software to be released in iterations that increase efficiency by letting teams find and fix defects & align expectation early on. This methodology minimizes the risk (such as bugs, cost overruns, and changing requirements) when it comes to adding new functionality. Most of the businesses are vouching for Agile Product Development, and why not when the prospect of its success shows outstanding potential.

At Acumen, software development is executed using agile principles to get flexible approach to planning, improvement via a continuously updated prototype, regular updates on status, and a quick response from us if conditions change rapidly. Our highly skilled agile professionals & certified scrum masters continuously work to integrate frameworks & best practices to fast-track software development. With our verified 2-4 week sprint plan that contains multiple transitional builds, we make sure features and functionalities are built right the very first time. This all ensures that we deliver your project on time and in budget with a quality product.

Agile Scrum Based Architecture

We follow Agile scrum frameworks for most of our projects. This architecture has been designed to instruct the team in a direction that will provide them with the foremost chance for success, with the flexibility to develop the software in an agile manner. Our Agile scrum-based architecture helps in maximizing stakeholder value, assists to deliver business value, and oversee the changes and complexity.

How We Use Agile Scrum Methodology

Agile is not about going by the plan, instead, it is about diverging from the plan as per the need of the project for best output. Usually, our projects under the Agile Scrum methodology follow the below key patterns:

A Scrum process is distinguished from other agile processes by specific concepts and practices divided into the three categories of roles (product owner, scrum master, development team and other stakeholders), events, artifacts, and rules.

To start a scrum process, a product owner creates a prioritized, wish list called a product backlog. During sprint planning, the backlog is the size for complexity and business value (priority).

Product owner and development team determine which backlog attempts get added to the sprint.

The team has a certain amount of time (call a sprint, usually 2 to 4 weeks) to complete its work but meets each day to assess its progress (daily scrum) along the way, the scrum master keeps the team focused on its goal.

At the end of the sprint, the team reviews their progress, shows the client the working product, and reviews what went well or what they need to do to improve on for the next sprint. Then the cycle repeats. Benefits Delivered by Our Agile Development Methodology

A Benefits Delivered by Our Agile Development Methodology

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