Our top priority is to satisfy the customer with early and continuous delivery of software that brings value to the business. An efficient CI/CD pipeline would be the key to achieving such quick turnarounds.

To win technology marketplace, deployments have to be faster, more reliable, and more accurate than the competitors. A sturdy Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline is the solution for this challenge. CI/CD brings automation into development workflow decreasing deployment timelines considerably. Continuous integration and continuous delivery implies to the practice of developing & delivering software in small cycles of build-configure-deploy-test-release reinforced by automation. With this improved software development workflow we can minimalize manual errors and improve the feedback loops throughout the SDLC.

At Acumen, we deliver exceptional value to our clients by implementing CI/CD pipeline into the development process that push our developers to work at its peak performance. We bring strategy & product design, united with digital engineering excellence that deliver software in the right way, at the right time. As your IT partner we understand your business requirement and business goal and to achieve that we follow highly agile product development environment ensuing in high quality software & more predictable delivery schedules.

How We Use CI/CD

We follow the best CI/CD practices for software development. We have implemented a fast and effective CI/CD pipeline process into our development life-cycle which enable us to deliver your product to market before your competition as well as releasing new features and bug fixes that resulting in greater customer satisfaction. With our CI CD process we can accelerate our developer’s velocity and can deliver 2X faster.

Benefits Delivered by CI/CD Process

Implementing a scalable CI/CD pipeline into the development architecture brings considerable benefits to the entire software development process

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