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John Keating Photo - Acumen

John Keating

Vice President, BusinessInk Co

I’ve known Mohammed for decades. I worked with them as VP of BusinessInk which was a 60 million company at the time. When working on an opportunity, I can always depend on Mohammed to understand the business opportunity and use his technical knowledge to architect a solution that balances the business requirements with the solution. He has implemented large complex projects for us and many of these are still running many years later. During the project, the team sticks with the plan but is also agile enough to make course corrections as the business changes or as we learn more about the process. Mohammed works well with the internal team and 3rd party software integrators. He is well respected by others, both the technologist and business side of the project. It is always best to bring in Mohammed in the beginning because of his design ability but he has proven himself in coming into course correct a project or just add resources. I can truly recommend them, one of the best things is Mohammed does not tell you what you want to hear he will let you know what you need to know; he is a true trusted partner.

Steve Henkels Photo - Acumen

Steve Henkels

Chief Technical Officer (Arroweye Solutions)

I worked closely with Mohammed and his team in 2007-2011, when I was CTO of Arroweye in Chicago. We contracted with them to develop and support a large system for selling and manufacturing personalized gift, debit, and other stored value cards. This was a real growth phase for the company. The technology demands were steep and the timelines short. Mohammed’s team worked long hours and spent even more hours on the phone to the US making sure the issues were properly addressed and the deadlines met. They all had good mastery of English and strong technical skills – design, architecture, development, debugging, testing, etc. Our relationship reached a level of true partnership, focused on growing the business and satisfying our customers.

I found Mohammed to be a very active leader. There were many channels of communication between them and us, and we relied on this to keep our customers informed. Mohammed has broad technical knowledge, well beyond the tech stack that we required at the time. We have kept in touch in recent years and I’m impressed at the breadth of the business functions he’s been involved with – Cloud architecture and migration, Startups, E-Commerce, IoT, Big Data, Publishing, and others.

I would recommend them to any organization that needs to quickly build software to support and grow their business. I visited them in Mumbai on multiple occasions and I found him to be an honest and trustworthy business partner.

Rajiv Shah Photo - Acumen

Rajiv Shah

Information Technology Instructor at IASA Global, Ex Enterprise Architect, Microsoft

Decades of knowing someone gives you insight into more than just their skills. It gives you insight into his capabilities and character.

For me Mohammed personifies both technology and entrepreneurial zest based on an indefatigable energy to keep moving on new ideas whether it is a global scale enterprise problem for which he will visualize a conceptual software solution in no time to something diverse like creating a globally unique and patented products!

Mohammed not only has the acute intelligence to solve any problem faster than anyone can expect but this is coupled with a deep and diverse technical mastery spanning enterprise scale globally distributed software to embedded IOT!

I can easily recommend them if for any software business especially if it is complex and mission critical.

Allen Patin Photo - Acumen

Allen Patin

VP, Consulting Services at Emids

I've worked with Mohammed and his team on Enterprise class projects. To devlier on the expectations, a tremendous amount of leadership and skill was necessary to guide a technical team to achieve the goal with little or no down time or error. Under Mohammed's stewardship and technical guidance, our software development duration and the number of software bugs have been significantly reduced. Our speed to market of new products have been cut by more than half and our ability to make changes and updates to client based websites are able to almost all be done "on demand". I highly recommend them for long term enterprise scale projects.