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Being one of the best Software Outsourcing Companies in India, we offer end-to-end software development services to our reputed clients from every vertical and geographical location.

Our Technical Expertise

We offer custom application development services utilising an extended set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, technologies and tools to build software of any scale and complexity.

Acumen Outsourcing Approach

Acumen's Outsourcing Approach is designed to assist the client get the best out of his offshore outsourcing experience through the implementation of best practices accrued through years of experience and successful offshore projects. The key elements of our value system include Passion for Excellence, Trust, Innovation, Integrity, Transparency and Teamwork. With these values, we wish to offer all of our proficiency to the client so he never have to worry about any of his IT requirements ever.

For a successful Outsourcing experience we ensure that each of our outsourcing engagement adheres to the 5 S’s.

Through these practices combined with transparent and effective client communication, we safeguard client comfort and trust. As the relationship evolves, Acumen gains sufficient knowledge about the Client's products and services to identify and implement improvements proactively. Acumen adds further value to the solution from the extensive experience in developing the best solutions. A part of our Value Addition model is to work proactive with our Offshore Clients where we use our extensive experience of digitalization around the world from what we have gained from our clients

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Stages involved in development of an Outsourced Digital Solution

What do you need help with? How can we support it? And how can we set it up for you?

To answer these questions, we start off with a meeting with the client, where we get to know each other and the clients existing system, issues faced, exact requirement etc.

A Project scope definition meeting is held with the development team members and project manager to review the design of an existing system and compare with the requirements. The scope of the project is thoroughly examined and technical alternatives are evaluated. The team recommends enhancement options that will benefit the clients business as whole.

A PowerPoint Presentation is created to clearly structure and streamline the flow of processes and the optimal enhancements proposed by the team. Each enhancement is described in detail for the client to understand and analyse its efficacy in this business model.

The presentation for the proposed system is shared with the client for suggestions, changes and approvals. Define and approve project scope, including the system, deliverables, and required activities.

ER diagrams, flowcharts, Wireframes and mock-ups are shared with the client so all the involved parties are on the same page at all times. The main goal of effective documentation is to ensure that developers and stakeholders are headed in the same direction to accomplish the objectives of the project.

The Project manager co-ordinates with the Clients to ensure that all their requirements are captured accurately and they are happy with projected plan. Only once the client’s approval is obtained, the Project planning phase begins.

A Project planning meeting is initiated. The development team members and project manager sit together and discuss the various processes and modules to be developed by the team.

The agile approach is most preferred approach that we incorporate in the development process. The agile approach is based on teamwork, close collaboration with customers and stakeholders, flexibility, and ability to quickly respond to changes.

Software architecture design include the main architectural decisions which are made by solution architect. The effective design and architecture includes:

  • Software design document template.
  • Architecture & Design Principles.
  • User Story description.
  • Solution details.
  • Diagrammatic representation of the solution.

A new Project is created in our Internal Project Management Tool (PMS). All the members are assigned to the created project. A Comprehensive Project Backlog is created and added to PMS. This backlog is not definitive and evolves as the Project advances.

Each of the Backlog item describes a module or process to be created. Once the backlog is created, the Project manager in collaboration with the Client decides the priority of the backlog item and structures the backlog accordingly.

The priority of the backlog items can be modified as per the requirements of the client.The backlog items are modified or new items are added as the project advances and new observations are made by the development team or the stakeholders.

Once the Backlog items are prioritized, the Project manager structures a Sprint which is generally of one month duration. The backlog items that are most urgent to the client are added to the Sprint. The goal of the sprint is to develop and deploy an efficient and releasable version of the software.

Tasks to be completed for each feature included in the sprint are allocated to the development team with expected timeframe. All required assistance is provided to the team to ensure all milestones are met and a high quality product is developed and deployed in timely manner.

Each member updates the status and comments for the allocated task on a regular basis. The Project Manager reviews the allocations regularly and identifies any bottlenecks or hold-ups. The team collaborates effectively to resolve any issues faced by any member and collectively moves ahead to achieve the Sprint goal.

Any hindrance or identified issue is reported to the Project Manager and he in turn discusses the same with the stakeholders to approve and suggest an alternative.

The Team collectively ensures all the tasks are completed, tested and deployed within the specified timeframe before moving on to the next sprint.

Software testing is a very important aspect of the software development process. Highest discipline is followed for testing each and every developed product.

Testing is carefully planned, the development cases are reviewed and mapped with the test guidelines. Procedures, Processes, Cases, Scripts, Iterations, and Outputs etc. are thoroughly tested to ensure the efficiency of the designed functionality and the overall product.

  • At the conclusion of evaluating test results, all identified defects are submitted into a defect management tool. Each defect or issue is registered in the Reporting Log and categorized as per types such as: Technical, Resource, Schedule and Other etc.
  • These are then prioritized and assigned to the development team with a target completion date within which they need to be fixed and resoled.
  • The Fixed processes again go through the rigorous testing processes until it passes all the testing criteria’s. Only then is the defect closed.
  • Once all the defects are closed and the testing criteria’s are met, the product gets a green signal to be deployed.

The completed module is demonstrated and the client gets to test the same at his end. If Client suggests small changes, they are incorporated and the task is closed. The next sprint begins immediately.

Once the Product is complete, a comprehensive Product documentation is created by the team. Every functionality, process, form, interface etc. along with screenshots and examples are precisely structured in the Product Documentation. The document is specifically written in lay man terms for ease of understanding.

Along with well-equipped Product document, we provide through training to the end user at the client end to ensure the developed product has optimal utilization. On Call Training, Onsite training, Hands on training, whichever option the client prefers, we provide the required training.

This post implementation plan outlines how the system will be maintained, upgraded, and supported after the project life cycle. This plan will address support needs, help desk implementation, policy and procedures, along with end of life guidelines. Most importantly, this plan will determine how change management will be handled for system/application enhancements or changes. The implementation team should also document their recommendations for future phases or enhancements which may have been discovered throughout the project lifecycle.

All support required by the end user in successfully operating the developed system is provided promptly to ensure Client-side testing is smooth. Any minor changes identified or noted are resolved on a priority. Any out of scope suggestions and enhancement requests if urgent are considered as change requests or the enhancements are considered as future requirements to be included in next version of the product

Based on client requirements, we also assist in seamless migration of clients existing data to the developed system. If the existing data lacks any obligatory parameter, we inform the client regarding the same so they can make the required data available. We also help in structuring the existing data to enable data transfer to the new system effortlessly.

Every project that we execute, teach us some valuable lesson. Every identified/realized issues, miscalculations, assumptions, mistake made during the project teach us and makes us wiser.

Lessons learned include two main types:

  1. Areas of improvement and
  2. Things that went well and should be used on future projects.

Why Choose Acumen

Acumen is a prominently superior option to choose from the pool of software development service providers available in the market. And you can hire dedicated developers from out team of experts. What makes us unique are the exceptional methodologies and standards we implement in each of our solutions. Below are few key norms we incorporate while designing a digital solution.

16+ Years Of Experience

Being in the IT industry from last 16+ years we understand the business requirement & provide It outsourcing solution that achieve your business goal.

Highly Skilled And Certified Developers

Access to the large team of certified professionals and industry experts well versed in their secluded specialties to convert your ideas into reality.

Cost Optimization Upto 60%

With our flexible software development outsourcing services get flexible workforce that serve you better and save upto 60% on your project cost.

Easy Project Management With Your Team

We not only build fast but also clear you from management issues..

Daily Reporting

With our daily reporting, you'll be able to have an overview of how the project is progressing without having to talk on a daily basis.

Adaptable Engagement Models

We give the adaptability of picking the most appropriate commitment model to every one of our customers.

How We Build Every Client Relationship a Success

As one of the top outsourcing software development companies globally, we know the importance of understanding the core business processes of every client very precisely. We thoroughly comprehend the client’s vision and compliment his short term and long term business as well as technical goals. We make sure our association becomes an additional strength of the offshore company and Acumen contributes to their positive growth in all possible means.

Nonetheless, we are well aware of a new client’s fears and doubts about outsourcing his technical requirements to an offshore location. We handle this scenario with complete transparency at each stage of project development and an organized approach to ensure client’s comfort and peace of mind throughout the engagement period.

To ensure this, Acumen embodies all the significant factors crucial for a successful IT Outsourcing partnership.

  • Reliability

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Flexible Partnership Models

  • Protection of Clients IP

  • Digitalization of Businesses

  • Proficient Development Teams

  • Scalability

  • Latest Technology

  • Time bound delivery

  • Transparent communication

  • Clear and Precise Invoicing

  • Result-driven Approach

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing IT requirements of your company allows you to focus on you’re the development and enhancement of your core business rather than investing time and cost in setting up an in-house development team. You don’t need to worry about the extra expenses like renting of an office space or the equipment or about changing demand for the developers. Outsourcing Software Development needs to a professional and experienced IT Outsourcing company gives you peace of mind knowing your business solution is in safe hands.

There are numerable other benefits and the most prominent ones are listed below.

  • Save time and energy needs to set up an in-house development team
  • Reduce cost by selecting the right Outsourcing Partner
  • You can start the work on your project instantly and place an innovative product on the market quickly and cost-efficiently.
  • Higher experienced team works on your projects
  • Access to latest technology
  • Outsourcing Partner implements best practices gained over years of experience.
  • You can count on professional solutions, partnership, advice, and assistance.
  • Increased productivity

These benefits are quite significant for an offshore client to achieve his goals in the most cost efficient and timely manner.

India is one of the leading countries that deliver good software outsourcing providers. You will find quality Software Outsourcing Providers at cost-effective rates.

There are a handful of companies that are highly experienced yet charge reasonably to assist software to make a strong stand in the market with the help of their software solutions.

Here there are given Outsourcing skills needed for improving IT business

  • Digital transformers
  • Transformation architects
  • Automation experts
  • Customer- centricity managers
  • Operation strategists
  • Design-thinkers

Acumen has been offering globally acceptable innovative and cost-effective Digital Solutions for a decade and a half. Our teams have developed and delivered a wide range of solutions from web design & development, Cloud Development, mobile apps to customized ERP solutions alongside effective digital marketing. We are one of the most preferred Software Development Outsourcing Companies from India, known for providing bespoke, made-to-order enterprise solutions to reputed clients across multiple domains such as Manufacturing, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Hospitality, Transportation and Travel, Banking, and Utilities, Export-Shipping, Engineering. Acumen has a committed workforce focused on resolving the complex problem and providing high-end solutions within dedicated timeframe and budget.

  • Offshore Software Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Blockchain Technology Software Development
  • Website Designing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web/Cloud-based Applications
  • Android Application Development
  • Digital Marketing services
  • Time and Materials Contract
  • Consulting Services

Apart from India, we have office London as well.

Choosing a reliable and competent software development outsourcing Services Company is a challenging task. Every business has its specific requirement when it comes to Software Development hence, you have to choose a right software development outsourcing Services Company that is most suitable for your business requirements.

India proves to be one of the best options for outsourcing software development projects as India offers reliable services with flexible pricing options that are cost-effective to the client. So, the best option for a Client is to find a suitable software development outsourcing Services Company in India to outsource their web application development or mobile application development projects and thus continue focusing on core business activities without other concerns.

One of the best software development outsourcing Services Company in India is Acumen. Acumen have been offering innovative and cost-effective Web and Software Development services for the past 15 years. We have successfully executed multiple Software Development projects from a multitude of business sectors, outsourced from all over the globe in the most economical and timely manner.

Here are some important points involved in the development of a Digital Solution by Acumen:

1.Start- off meetings:
What do you need help with? How can we support it? And how can we set it up for you? To answer these questions, they start off with a meeting with the client, where they get to know each other.

Then they conduct a workshop where they explore the client's needs and understand all their business processes with complete earnestness and concentration.

3. Business analysis:
At this stage they analyse the client's business with great accuracy and document the entire business flows highlighting the important and significant aspects affecting the software development.

4. Solution designing:-
The software solution is then designed taking into consideration important factors like functionality, usability, robustness, security and long term sustainability.

5. Technology adaption:-
They adopt innovative development standards and the latest technologies in their projects. Rigorous testing procedures are followed to ensure high standard and immaculate Solutions.

6. Training sessions:-
Effective software training sessions are instigated for the end users and good quality and user-friendly software documentation is provided for ease of use. They also provide excellent post development support for a year.

So, if you are looking for one of the right software development outsourcing Services Company, then Acumen is one of the best options to cater your requirements.

Nowadays, the market is constantly evolving, and this can present challenges for startups with limited financial support. As a solution, many businesses are now choosing outsourcing as a strategic and cost-effective method to earn a competitive edge.

Every startup in its initial stage has a lower budget, and so they try to cut down the costs as much as possible by choosing the most budget friendly software partner. However, you always need to remember that High quality is more important than lower prices. As a Startup, you need to select your outsourcing start-ups partner wisely and know the company history before outsourcing software development or any related services.

The more the experience, the better the business solution developed and consequently greater benefits to the client. Needless to mention that experienced companies charge higher than mediocre software providers. There are a handful of companies that are highly experienced yet charge reasonably to assist startups make a strong stand in the market with the help of their digital solutions.

Acumen is one of the best Software Development outsourcing Companies in India that offers innovative and cost-effective web and software development services. Acumen has delivered impeccable Software Development services to esteemed clientele in India and overseas for over 15 years and still counting.

Here are some of the top reasons why outsourcing is an excellent choice for startups seeking speed, quality and innovation.

Business Model Evaluation Our professional business consultants help you discover the potential of your business model (existing or potential). We guide on what improvements you can make to serve customers better and generate more revenue.

Product Innovation We help you determine your target market's needs better and assist you with original innovative ideas that can make you stand apart and enhance your brand appeal and reliability. We also guide you on how to convert those conceptions into reality.

Startup Consulting Beneficial business advice from the beginning. Expert advice helps startups prevent pitfalls, time, and costly mistakes. Acumen consultants are focused on strategizing up-to-date startup solutions required to transform business ideas into reality. These solutions are completely profound for helping startups take calculated steps towards business prosperity.

Change Management Acumen has Change Managers, who are used to assisting organizations by utilizing fundamental activities and often take the role of process drivers. Therefore, they have practical experience that will be beneficial to the client. We hold a well-developed toolbox with methodologies and technical notes for Change Managers to use on the task.

IT Consulting Acumen' vision is to work in the direction of making a major contribution to the success and development of small and medium sized IT and e-business companies. Our IT Consultancy Services include Digital Transformation, Product Development, Cloud & Web Apps, and Mobility.

Today business demand is to create beautiful, innovative and high-performance based iOS and Android apps for the welfare of the customer and to optimize business revenues as well. Application development is a game changer for almost every business. It has triggered huge variation in the iOS and Android world and became a significant portion of business processes. You can see countless mobile app on the market, and more added each day.

Many Clients prefer Outsourcing their iOS and Android app development to a reliable and experienced Software Development company. However, it’s not easy to identify and select a best Software provider who can meet all the business requirements.

India is one of the leading countries that delivers good software outsourcing providers. You will find quality Software Outsourcing Providers at cost-effective rates with service innovation. But, again finding the right provider is like searching for a needle in a haystack

Acumen is one of the most preferred iOS and Android apps development Outsourcing Companies from India known for providing custom made-to-order enterprise solutions to reputed clients worldwide across multiple domains such as Engineering, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Export-Shipping, Construction, Transportation and Travel, Education, and Finance.

Below is the list of iOS and Android apps Services offered by Acumen:

  1. iPhone App Development
  2. Android App Development
  3. iPad App Development
  4. Windows App Development
  5. Cross-platform Mobile Apps
  6. Hybrid App Development

Few of the emphasized features of our developed iOS and Android apps are:

  1. User-friendly Interface
  2. Native and Cross-Platform Apps
  3. Study and Research
  4. Documentations and Testing
  5. Experience in Various sectors

Apart from India, the company has office London as well. So, if you are looking for one of the best iOS and Android apps development outsourcing companies, then look no further than Acumen.

In today's world where the internet user community is switching from Desktop and Laptops to Cell Phones and Tabs, it becomes extremely important to be able to reach the audience and capture their attention to the product. A highly innovatively designed Company Website is the best solution for promoting and augmenting any business in the market.

There are numerous website designing companies in the market but not all possess the skills or innovative outlook to be able to capture a business process into a visually captivating website design.

Acumen, one of the most reliable and best Website design and Software development Company offering complete website design development services all over the globe. Acumen is well known for providing custom made-to-order enterprise solutions to reputed clients worldwide across multiple domains such as Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Travel, Hospitality, Export-Shipping, Construction, Transportation and Education, and Finance.

Website Designing Services offered by Acumen:

1. Graphic Design Services: Pictures speak louder than words and therefore, we create graphics that interpret businesses’ services in the most probable way.

2. Responsive Web Design: Our experts have the efficiency of featuring websites over desktop, smartphones and tablets alike with responsive web design services.

3.Web Portal Design: The type of designs for a web portal vary with the kind of business it has. We embrace all the requisites while providing the services.

4.Dynamic Website Design:: Combining innovation in the right segment is all that defines our dynamic web design services.

5.Custom Web Design: Under this service, aim is to customize web design as per the requirement of clients in a most creative way.

6.Template Design: Through our template design services, we focus on the details that have been specified by the clients.

7.Static Website Design: Our static web design services aim to showcase your business as well as service online that won’t require recurrent updates.

8.Corporate Website Design: Corporate clients have some explicit requirements to be fulfilled that we accomplish with our corporate website design solutions.

9.Retina Ready Website Design: We utilize Retina ready graphics. A Retina display device, displaying a website that serves Retina ready graphics will displays sharper images, and brighter, more vivid colours.

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